Terms and Conditions For Free Website

These terms and conditions are between Pixels Pride LLC (referered as “we” also here after) and the business owner (referred as “customer”, “you” or “client” also here after) for the free website we offer:
a. the website is offered on “as-is” basis. There is no additional customization is included other than adding the content provided by client and configuring forms to client’s email address
b. Client is eligible to get any refundable deposit paid back after 2 years from the date we delivered the website. Client is expected to use our website (either by linking using the domain name provided by us Or by redirecting client’s own domain to our domain name)
c. We reserve the right to deny the refund if we ever found client is not using our website. We may use analytics tools or manual verification of client’s social media Or other directory websites to verify the usage of our web page
d. We reserve the right to keep Or delete your website from our platform once we receive the request for refund
e. Client agrees that he or she understands we will use various advertising methods to cover our cost of design, hosting and maintenacne of website.
f. We have full rights on the website includes bring it down for any reason and issue a refund even before the 2 years set time. We may not issue refund if we found i. Client is not using our website ii. Client has done something violating any laws or regulations in force
g. Client agrees he or she is responsible for the content provided. We cannot validate or held responsible for the content, tone, language, and presentatio on the website.
h. Client agrees that he or she will provide content (such as logo, page content, photos , emai addresses and other business details he wanted to present on the website) with in 3 weeks from the day of registering / paying refundable deposit. We have the right to publish website with the information we can gather on internet about the business if we don’t receive the content in 3 weeks or deny the service and issue a refund after deducting processing fees.